What Our Clients Say About Us...


Thanks for all your help, and giving me insight on questions to ask other firms, some sounded cheaper until I started to ask other questions.

Donna L. Carr

Just wanted to pass on my words of thanks and appreciation to you and your company.

You were able to make a stressful situation a painless and pleasurable memory. Your attention to detail and professionalize really impressed me at no time did you make me feel my questions were un-reasonable which I appreciate.

This was my first experience with an online service such as this and I would use you and the service again should the need arise or would not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Curtis Kirkey

I have only used MyClosing.ca for one deal so far, but I have found them to be extremely reliable and easy to work with. Every time I call they pick up the phone immediately, and are able to help me structure my deals in a way that best helps my clients. Craig Boyd, Erin Kitchen, and Raymond Diep have especially been great to work with, and so fast! I will continue letting my clients know about this great service and telling other CIBC employees of their services as well.


Thank you….everything was so well organized for today . You were really helpful…

Fast turnaround. Great…

Cindy Ioannidis, Sales Representative

What a pleasure it is working with the “Anderson Sinclair” team to close real estate transactions for my clients. Their customer service is “Top Notch” and I never feel out of the loop. From the minute the file is opened to the minute it is closed I am kept completely up-to-date as to what is happening. There is never a question too big or too small.

I can email Craig or a member of the team and have a response within 5 minutes and all questions are handled respectfully and in a caring manner. I was worried about the 1st client I sent to Anderson-Sinclair as my client lived in Edmonton, AB and was moving to Trenton, ON. With me being in Kingston, ON and the lawyers out of Toronto, ON , I thought how on earth is this going to happen. I tell you the deal went so smoothly. Anderson-Sinclair has commissioners in every area for documents to be signed and Raymond spoke to the clients virtually. A totally amazing experience and would recommend to anyone time and time again.

Terri Gulliver

I have used Anderson and Sinclair on a number of different files, including refinances and purchases. With each experience the team has shown professionalism, efficiency, knowledge and accuracy which is exactly how I like my deals/clients to be taken care off.

After each transaction I have asked my clients how they felt the transaction/service went and every single client had a great experience from the first contact right down to the final signing.

This is important to me because every step the client takes during a purchase, sale or refinance that I refer you as a solicitor reflects back to me and my reputation. In saying that I will continue to use Anderson and Sinclair and refer anyone I can to you!

Thank you for your service and look forward to continued business.

Amy Gilmore

Revolutionary! I had a meeting today with a lawyer I’ve worked with for a long time. We talked about how the legal profession is generally full of dinosaurs and he acknowledged it’s about time that the lawyers started working the way realtors and mortgage brokers worked…evenings, weekends, and at times most convenient to our clients. More than this he shared with me a new system that will allow the clients, realtors, mortgage brokers and lawyers to log into and have real time updates on the progress of their files.

It’s called http://www.myclosing.ca. And if that’s not enough to wow you, the icing on the cake is that there is a team in place to make house calls/ come to the client to sign off on closing documents and answer client questions…after hours!!! I’m wowed, impressed and thrilled that I will be recommending MyClosing services to my client’s moving forward. This is going to make the closing process more seamless, hands on and connected. Happy clients Tim Syrianos, this is worth bringing into our Ultimate offices…a major value add for our realtors and clients.

Derek Schruder

I was reviewing a recent transaction processed through the MyClosing.ca portal and wanted to take a moment to recognize a job well done!! I was speaking to the employee and the client after the closing and both were extremely impressed by the level of professionalism and the personal touch that was added to what can be at times a stressful yet exciting time for all involved. In today’s age of mobile banking and mobile mortgage advisors I find that the MyClosing product is the exact fit for our clients and truly supports the anytime, anywhere culture we find ourselves in today.

Again great job and we look forward to working with you and your team again soon!!

Cheryl Brown & Angela Flindall

As we quickly approach the holiday season I wanted to take a minute to send you and your team a quick note to express my thanks for your outstanding service.

Working collectively to provide a seamless transition to closing with my clients is extremely important to my business. Although we have only recently established this new business relationship in the last week of October 2013 I feel your team has added a value to my business that closes up a gap I have been missing in the mortgage transaction - this pleases me beyond words.

Our most recent closing was a true test to working through a challenging situation. It cannot go without mention that Enza worked above and beyond with a difficult client assist us with closing a purchase as scheduled. There is no question in my mind that we would not have closed on time if not for the extra efforts put forward by Enza! I'm confident that the deal I refer to must have consumed her work day in order for that to have come together. I also realize that you as well had to move your signing location around in order to satisfy the clients wishes - simply said we had a high maintenance client and all of our team worked through it professionally and effectively.

I want to extend a very sincere thank you to Enza and yourself and our entire team for adding such huge value to my business.

Stephen Wu

Thanks for looking after my client. As a first time buyer, he had lots of questions and understand that he had contacted you and your team many times with questions. Also being out of town, you have made it very convenient for him.

With this very positive experience from my client, I will most definitely continue in recommending you and MyClosing to my clients and colleagues. Thanks.

Derek Redding

I am taking the time to write this as I wanted you to know how impressed I am with MyClosing’s services through your channel. We have completed a number of deals over the past year and every deal has been a success without issue. I find that the best asset and strongest benefit is your team’s ability to meet with my clients at their convenience, whether it be in the evening or over the weekend, your team delivers. This flexibility in service goes hand in hand with my objective of meeting the client’s needs when and where they want. Each client that I have referred to MyClosing have only positive feedback to the service they received and I am happy to continue to refer additional business.